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Scot Schwichow

About Revolution Modern Martial Arts in Clayton, NC

Meet Scot Schwichow

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Revolution Modern Martial Arts in Clayton
2nd Degree Black belt in Karate
Brown Belt in Caio Terra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

At Revolution Self Defense it is our goal to provide positive, life-changing experiences for all of our students. By striving to constantly improve our program we are able to provide martial arts classes that are not only fun and engaging, but are also proven to bring out the best in our students so that they can achieve their goals.

Below are some examples of what makes Revolution Self Defense a great place to train:

Professional Instruction: Being a professional takes a lot more effort than just claiming to be one. Not only are our instructors experienced martial artists, they also have a wealth of experience teaching and training outside of the martial arts world. For example, our Chief Instructor, Scot Schwichow is a former trainer for a major pharmaceutical corporation, while Instructor Glenn Murphy trained and managed the education team at the prestigious London Science Museum. Our instructors also attend training and seminars designed to improve their teaching abilities in order to offer the best classes to our students.

Top Level Facility: The iconic karate dojo is a beautiful and pristine training hall with hardwood floors and walls. For the arts that we practice hardwood floors are not optimal, however, we still want to provide our students with a training facility that they can be proud of. We keep our training and seating areas clean and we have high quality training mats and equipment for use in class.

Practicing What We Preach: We ask our students to train hard, set goals and take pride in our school. The same is asked of our instructors. Every instructor at Revolution Self Defense is also a dedicated athlete and martial arts practitioner. They train every week, stays in good physical shape and serve as a role model to their students. Every true martial artist is a student for life, those that claim otherwise often still have a lot to learn.

Mutual Respect: Our Karate students are asked to address instructors with the title of Mister or Sir. To earn respect one must show respect, therefore our instructors also address our students and answer questions with the title of Sir or Ma’am. In addition, before a competition our fighters and coaches wish our opponent luck and conduct themselves with class no matter the result of the contest.

Humility: While we are proud of our school and our achievements in the martial arts, we feel that humility is also necessary. We realize that to truly master the martial arts takes a lifetime of dedicated practice.

Community Involvement: Revolution Self Defense believes in giving back to the community as well as those around the world who face hardship. Through events planned and hosted at Revolution Self Defense our students have helped raise thousands of dollars and supplied goods that have been donated to various causes including: The Clayton No Drug Club, The Clayton Mid Day Rotary Club, Harbor domestic violence shelter, and the families devastated by the recent natural disasters in Haiti and Japan.

Successful Students: Within less than a year of opening our school we began producing fighters for ring sports. We have students who compete in Muay Thai, MMA, K1 Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Not only are our students competitive against the best competition in tournaments like the WKA North American Championship and NAGA events, they have racked up many Gold and Silver medals in the process. In addition, our Chief Instructor has been called in to assist as either a striking or jiu jitsu coach and cornerman for fighters from other gyms.

About Our Chief Instructor

Scot is a true martial artist who values and demonstrates the qualities of honor, discipline and respect. It is his opinion that even the most experienced martial artist is still a student first and should look at every situation as a learning opportunity. Scot began formal karate training in 1991 and earned a Second Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate in the year 2000, he began formal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in 1999, formal Muay Thai training in 2003 and competed in Muay Thai with the World Kickboxing Association (WKA).

When Revolution opened in 2009 they were the only school in Clayton teaching Muay Thai kickboxing and true submission grappling. In less than a years time Revolution already brought their first crop of fighters to the WKA. Scot has experience training and cornering fighters in Muay Thai and K1 kickboxing in New York and Virginia and MMA fighters in North Carolina and Virginia.

A few words from Scot Schwichow: “As a professional martial arts instructor, I consider myself an instructor first and am fortunate to have learned the best teaching methods that have been proven across multiple industries. When developing or adding programs at Revolution I made it my goal to put the students first so that they too can benefit from quality martial arts training as I did in my youth. In addition, I routinely travel to other successful schools in the country to network and train with the best martial arts instructors so that I can continue to hone my instructional abilities.”

How To Get Started

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